Best-In-Class Processes Accelerate Account Resolution

Recognizing the limitations of existing IT collection systems as well as the multitude of hospital patient accounting systems utilized in the market, Optimum Outcomes developed a revolutionary paradigm that automates the entire account resolution process. Our innovative technology-orchestrated strategy prioritizes resources and creates productive custom workflows, increasing cash recovery and account resolution.

Centralized Operating Model

Optimum Outcomes uses a centralized, technology-based targeting strategy to increase revenue recovery for our clients. There is no single account ownership by Optimum Outcomes representatives. Instead, custom workflows are configured based on criteria such as financial class, denial type or account status, and the system routes accounts based on follow-up needs and timing.

The representatives work accounts as directed by client-specific Help Text, which guides their interaction with each patient or payer. This operating model reduces hold-times and abandoned calls as well as increases specialization and efficiency.


One of the cornerstones of our customer service philosophy is keeping our clients apprised of our progress and performance in a comprehensive and timely manner. We firmly believe ongoing dialogue and transparent reporting generate measurable improvements in quality and customer satisfaction.

With our powerful reporting capability, we can:

  • Provide standard format weekly, monthly and quarterly performance reports
  • Meet virtually any client reporting format requests
  • Customize data for ad-hoc reports