Quality You Can Count On

At Optimum Outcomes, Inc., we understand that you can’t afford to sacrifice quality when you outsource your bad debt/aged receivables. That’s why we have designed our workflows, technology and control reporting to set a new standard for customer service, boosting both performance and patient satisfaction. And every one of our customer service representatives is carefully selected, rigorously trained and closely monitored. You can count on us to provide quality caring for your patients and your team because we listen closely, communicate frequently and exceed expectations regularly

Our Core Values

Core values that are imbedded into the day to day operations are critical to the long term success of an organization. They bring the company and its employees together, providing a framework for its employees' behavior and interaction with its customers, suppliers and each other.

In June 2011 we surveyed our employees and asked what core values were important to them. Two weeks later, "REACH" was born.

The “star” that dots the “I” in our new Optimum Outcomes logo is a constant reminder we are reaching for superiority in everything we do. Our core values are the driver of how we interact with our clients’ patients.


  • Respect: We value ourselves and others, we show consideration
  • Excellence: We are driven by quality, reaching for superiority in everything we do
  • Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and inaction
  • Communication: We are honest, open and sincere in how we interact with our clients, their patients and each other
  • Honesty/Integrity: We live by a strong moral code of ethics and do so with honor