Bad Debt / Aged Receivables

Optimum Outcomes, Inc. is the licensed collection agency division of Optimum Outcomes, LLC. Optimum Outcomes, Inc. employs the same technology and Patient Focused approach for bad debt account resolution that we use in our self-pay program. And, as always, we handle our interaction with patients/guarantors of bad debt accounts with care and compassion.

Customized, Integrated Solution

Our innovative integrated solution is custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. We maximize recoveries and patient satisfaction by:

  • Using our Patient Focused approach to maximize revenue while treating patients / guarantors with respect
  • Applying a customer service philosophy centered around educating patients on why they have an outstanding balance
  • Minimizing hold time and abandonment rates
  • Customizing processes and scripting
  • Utilizing intelligent mailing
  • Prioritizing accounts
  • Providing integrated payment portal and posting

In addition, our debt account resolution due diligence services include:

  • Skip tracing
  • Adverse credit reporting
  • Minimizing hold time and abandonment rates

Knowledgeable, Respectful Customer Service

We employ a rigorous process of selecting and training top quality customer service representatives, and a Pay for Performance Program that promotes both account resolution and patient satisfaction by rewarding performance on three measures: quality assurance, positive outcomes and attendance. All calls are recorded, and recordings are randomly audited by an external quality assurance firm to ensure our agents are sensitive and respectful in their communication with patients. In addition, each of our Bad Debt representatives must pass the ACA International FDCPA Skills Exam, and each representative receives ongoing regular compliance training.