"We have definitely seen the difference the new leadership has made and we applaud them for building an entirely new brand that aligns with the goals of their clients. At the end of the day, it is all about the outcomes – for the patient and for us.”

Optimum Outcomes, Inc.


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Quality Assurance

Each of our customer service representativesÂ’ ("CSR") calls are recorded, and recordings are randomly audited by our strategic partner, BPA Quality, a global provider of quality call audits in twenty-six languages, to provide objective measurement and feedback. This ensures our CSRs are exemplifying our Patient Focused approach at every single touch point. Additionally, we employ comprehensive call quality measurements used in high-end service industries, including:

  • Acknowledges patientÂ’s request and shows concern
  • Verifies patient information
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and tone
  • Uses proper telephone etiquette
  • Takes ownership of issue
  • Identifies reason for call / issue to be addressed
  • Actively listens
  • Focuses on resolution
  • Summarizes current situation
  • Summarizes gains agreement
  • Closes the call politely

All monitoring scores and associated recordings can be accessed real-time on a web-based system. Via this same system, management can generate reports and monitor CSRsÂ’ performance, and each CSR can review their own scores and audit comments.

We, at Optimum Outcomes, Inc. believe that continual dialogue with our clients and custom-tailored reporting produces measurable improvements in efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. We customize "scorecards" for each of our clients to ensure that we understand the client's goals and have defined success objectively. And to ensure our performance always exceeds expectations, we welcome our clients to visit our operations regularly, monitor account activity and provide feedback.