"The Optimum Outcomes, Inc. implementation team learned our business and culture and created processes and workflows that supports and enhances our corporate values."

Optimum Outcomes, Inc.


Our Core Values

Culture of Training

Quality Assurance



A Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

A company's culture has to be adaptive and must align with the company's strategic goals. Strategy starts with understanding the needs and wants of your clients and prospects. Aligning that strategy begins with people and giving them the tools, processes and training to do their best work. It is about investing in people. It is about building an organization where learning is paramount to continued success. It is about adapting to meet the needs and wants of the ever changing marketplace.

At Optimum Outcomes we believe there is no such thing as a sustainable competitive advantage in terms of a product or service. Technology leapfrogs previous technology. Products and services are replaced by new products and services. Our only sustainable competitive advantage is our people, and their ability to learn faster and change faster than the competition. That is why at Optimum Outcomes we invest heavily in the learning and development of people. The ability to change requires an ability to learn. We are a learning organization.

Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement.

The Right People

A company is only as good as the people who represent it. Optimum Outcomes, Inc. only hires representatives who have successfully completed a battery of cognitive, personality, knowledge and skills tests and have a strong foundation in healthcare revenue cycle knowledge. Representatives typically have two to three years of hospital business office and/or managed care call center experience. But most importantly, they must be "customer/patient friendly." All employees must pass a competency exam that confirms their understanding of insurance benefits and the account resolution process for hospitals.

No Lights-Out Training

In our quest for continuous improvement, Optimum Outcomes, Inc. has created a "no lights out training" department in each of its call centers and corporate headquarters. Put simply, as long as our facilities are open and the lights are on, training will take place with people sharing best practices around account resolution. Optimum Outcomes has developed a world-class training program, incorporating our patient focused approach to customer service and account resolution. We train our employees and the employees of our customers using best in class account resolution techniques such as BLAST and LAER for handling irate patients. We use BPA Quality, an independent evaluator of call quality in twenty-six different languages. Our phone calls are recorded for quality and training purposes. Using continuous feedback from our Quality Assurance process, we have developed a series of interactive learning experiences and comprehensive testing modules. Our employees can complete the personal development modules and obtain certification in the key components of our business, ultimately achieving a designation that indicates their level of expertise in each area.

The Right Training

Once hired, a comprehensive on-boarding process begins. Our employees receive extensive in five key competencies

  • Revenue Cycle Market Dynamics. Instruction on core industry knowledge, including HIPAA, FDCPA, insurance and account workflow.
  • Patient Focused Training: combines utilization of our core values with proprietary customer service techniques such as BLAST and LAER to deliver the highest quality patient interaction possible.
  • Customer Service. Covers critical skills such as phone etiquette and handling challenging situations.
  • Cyclogic System Training / LiveVox Dialer. Tutorial on account management. Training: combines utilization of our core values with proprietary customer service techniques such as BLAST and LAER to deliver the highest quality patient interaction possible. -->
  • Customer Service. Covers critical skills such as phone etiquette and handling challenging situations.
  • Client-specific Instruction. Focuses on the unique elements of the hospitals' patient accounting systems and recovery processes.

Our representatives are trained not only to work efficiently but to be unfailingly sensitive in every action they take. They are instructed in client-specific requirements necessary to mirror hospital policies. In addition, our systematic workflows and online help text are configured and customized according to client requirements, enabling representatives to utilize the quality inherent in proven account resolution methods. We can also leverage best practices to systematically optimize account resolutions using quality parameters defined by each client hospital.

The Best Outcomes: Optimized Revenue Recovery and Improved Patient Satisfaction

All representatives are trained and competency tested before they are allowed to work within each department. After being assigned to skill and ability-specific areas of operations, employees are closely monitored. We also utilize employee quality scoring and one-on-one mentoring to uphold our high standards of quality.

We take care to ensure that our excellent results are not achieved at the expense of good patient relationships. The incentive structure for Optimum Outcomes, Inc. representatives reflects this patient-centric philosophy. Rather than earning bonuses based on cash recovery, representatives are rewarded for performance on three measures: quality assurance, positive outcomes and attendance. This approach minimizes patient complaints, delivers high patient satisfaction ratings, decreases employee turnover and increases average tenure.